Very High Express Entry Draw – 29th May 2019

This video is in response to the recent EE draw on 29th May @ 470.

I had earlier posted about this few days before the draw on FB. The post is below:

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While sifting through another set of dataset and trend analytics for EE and CRS scores, another worrying historical trend came up.

The last time we had a nearly 4week gap between 2 general draws was in the month of June 2017.

31st May, 2017 saw the historical lowest CRS ever @413 and 3877 ITAs issued.
The following draw was on the 28th June @449 and 3409 ITAs issued.

The pool strength those days fluctuated between 42,000-44,000 candidates.

On 10th May 2019, the pool strength was in excess of 104,000 candidates, with more than 5000 candidates in the pool between 441-450 CRS range.
The data trends suggest that on an average more than 240-260 people with scores over 440 CRS are entering the pool each day. That number would be variant for scores lower than 440,but still large enough to add to the pool strength.
This would mean that the pool strength today would be in the range of 106,000-108,000 and range of 441-450 and 450 above would be collectively more than 9000 and counting.
Yes, the pool is dynamic and just like there are additions a lot of profiles expire and many become ineligible due to expiry dates of the profile, birthdays, ECA, language scores etc. But the point is that the pool is seeing colossal growth each week.

Last time there was a gap of nearly 4 weeks, the scores shot up to an unexpected high of 449 and then they never dropped below 433…

We expect a EE general draw next week and this time we expect a very high score to be drawn.
Even if they start issuing higher number of ITAs, it would be a small dent in the score.

The only difference that can bring scores down would be repeated back to back draws and continued number of large ITAs issued per draw.

Honestly, for the first time since I have been watching these trends, I am worried.
I am privy to a lot of chatter due to my extended network. I meet a lot of experts in the industry, I attend a lot of seminars and trainings, I hear a lot of things, opinions, speculations and views. Some are worrying, some are downright ridiculous and other just cast a grim picture overall.

And then there is this obvious overcast of upcoming Elections and how those will influence immigration programs.

While I don’t endorse the opinions that the elections will have negative impact on Canadian Immigration. I am sure the new government will have its influence on the way things are done. All the 3 main parties are in favour of immigration, but do have different ideologies in how and what is priority and how it is applied.

So my take::

In the short term
The scores will see very worrying high trends.
People below 445-448 should start looking at alternative options, whether PNP or ways to improve their CRS. (look at CLB10 if needed or accept that Alberta NOI if you have received it)

I say 448, with a pinch of salt. While we can say with some understanding that 450s will most definitely be seen again. It’s the breach of 450 mark that is eagerly awaited.

In the long term:
I expect to see changes to the programs with certain NOCs getting priority or even nationality quotas coming into play. I see
Canadian work experience and Canadian education being allotted more weight of points or even priority in terms of the draws conducted.
Mind you this is mere speculation as of now, but there is ample reason that fuels this speculation.


I am absolutely rooting for the scores to drop. 🤞🏼🤞🏼 For back to back drops. There is no deliberate conspiracy to increase scores as lot of people gossip. It’s just that the demand for Canadian PR is going through the roof.
Lets hope for more draws, back to back draws, higher number of ITAs. Maybe there is one around the corner to nudge scores back on the track.

However, if you are waiting on the sidelines, well you may already be very late. Jump in the pool if you haven’t already.

Others, please be more aggressive in your pursuing PNP programs and options. Different provinces including OINP will be looking to add new programs shortly. Some may be targeted towards your NOC and others towards the support from local Canadian communities and employers.

To end this post, all I can say is that if Canadian PR is your objective, then make it your absolute priority in the near future and get cracking.


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